Invented in the first industrial revolution, sewing machines reduced the manual time of sewing fabric and various other materials with thread. The mind behind the invention of the first working sewing machine is considered to be Englishman Thomas Saint in the year 1790. Since the design of the sewing machine, clothing industry experienced a massive increase in efficiency and productivity.

According to the usage, sewing machines come in three shapes and sizes. We have a regular sewing machine, which is the most simplified version designed for single person usage of individual items and having a single stitch type. We have a modern sewing machine, which comes with glider through which fabric can glide in and out, making the stitching process automatic and also saving time. Lastly, we have industrial sewing machines used in garment factories which are much larger, faster in the sewing process and are more customizable in terms of appearance and task, compared to your regular sewing machines.

Sewing Machine

Uses of Sewing Machine

To get started with a sewing machine, first, you have to know how to operate one. There are plenty of sewing machines out there which are specialized for different types of uses, and these machines require a different kind of skill for an individual to operate it. Starting from a torn up dress to mass producing clothes in factories, there are tons of standard and advanced uses of sewing machines. Some of them are as follows-

  1. Mechanically stitching the pieces of fabrics, cards etc are the main function of the sewing machine.
  2. It is used to stitch clothes.
  3. Home decor items like different furniture covers, bedding items, cloth flowers or other decorations, pillows, pillow shams, tablecloths, napkins, shopping bags, custom car seat, computer cover etc require sewing machine stitches.
  4. Stitches required in stuffed toys, wall hangings, doll clothing etc are done by sewing machine.
  5. For embroidery, making quilts and mending cloth items sewing machines are used
  6. Sewing machines are used to get Regular stitches.
  7. any kind of pattern outlines can be made by punching holes in printed patterns using no thread.
  8. To achieve smaller stitches than the regular hand sewers, sewing machines are used.
  9. It can be also used to repair clothes.
  10. It can provide creative people an outlet for their imagination.
  11. In a general sense, a sewing machine is used to sew fabric pieces together with thread in a mechanical manner. Which is far more effective than hand sewing.
  12. Sewing machines can also be used for quilting, a process where two or more layers of fabric are sewed together, making a thicker padded multilayer textile such as Denim jeans.
  13. Have torn clothes? A sewing machine can fix it back to normal instantly.
  14. Embroidery designs are work of art and are appreciated by everyone and sewing machines can be used to craft such designs easily.
  15. A sewing machine can be of use in the making of crafty bags made of cloth, leather and other artificial materials to carry your daily essentials with you.
  16. The popularity of leather products has risen over the year, and sewing machines can produce such products masterfully, such as leather wallets, jackets, shoes, hand gloves and even car interiors.
  17. A sewing machine can be used to sew beautifully designed furniture covers, giving it a cozy and aesthetic look.
  18. To craft beautiful looking curtains, decorative pillows, table cloths, hanging items for wall, doll clothing and napkins which you can use to decorate your home with, the sewing machine will come in handy.
  19. The demand from the stuffed toy industry which produces plushy toys is on the rise, and sewing machines are of great use to create such toys for the children base.
  20. Industrial sewing machines are used in the clothing industry to mass produce clothes in a time efficient and productive manner generating more profit for the business.
  21. Sewing machines can be used to fit accessories in clothing items such as buttons, collars, hand joints, collar bands etc.
  22. With a little bit of skill and experience, the sewing machine can be used to solve the unemployment problem and bring extra income for you or your family.
  23. To manage personal or family history in the form of a book, box or card, which is known as a scrapbook, a sewing machine can be used.
  24. The sewing machine also helps to sew wig s together to make perfect looking artificial hair.
  25. For making cozy bedding items in which you can relax peacefully, a sewing machine can be used.
  26. Sewing machines can also be used to design and create patterns by punching holes or simply by a thread which can then can be added to the item of choices such as clothing or decorations.
  27. Creative people can come up with artistic handy crafts made of wool or thread using a sewing machine.
  28. For making quality looking, comfortable shoes made of leather and other similar materials which can last for a more extended period, sewing machines can be used.
  29. Different types of stitching method can be applied using a sewing machine. These include blind stitching, hemming, reverse stitch lever, smocking, stretch stitching, buttonhole stitching and countless more.
  30. For binding books together, the sewing machine can be of great help.
  31. For interior decorations, take custom window treatments, for example, sewing machine is of great use.
  32. Making swimwear, baby cloth and lingerie using sewing machine can prove to be a great hobby.
  33. Luxury items such as wedding dress and custom suits can be made by various tailoring companies where they use modern sewing machines.
  34. Companies like TATA, Toyota, Ferrari, and Lamborghini uses computerized sewing machines to mass produce vehicle tires in their factories.
  35. In the making of a comfortable and premium vehicle, plane, or theatre seat, sewing machines can be used.
  36. Sewing machines are also used to make shopping bags.
  37. To make handy water bottle holders for carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go, sewing machines are used.
  38. For altering garments that don't feet you well enough, sewing machine proves to be of great help as it can be used to stretch it to your body size.
  39. Sewing machines can also be used to make a card for events like wedding, birthday and other similar occasions.
  40. A sewing machine can be used to sew military and other scouting patches.
  41. Sewing machines can also be used to produce undergarment clothing.
  42. For making belt items, such as car seat belts or clothing ones, a sewing machine can be used.
  43. Sewing machines are also used to produce spandex items, which are made with synthetic fiber and proves comfortable in terms of sportswear.
  44. A sewing machine can be used to make beautiful crafted flower designed by a thread.
  45. In making of products like an umbrella, sewing machines are used.