The fabric is the main component of garments. To make a garment more convenient and attractive, some other materials are used along with the fabric. To serve the basic functions and for decorative purpose, these materials are required. Collectively they are called garment accessories.

Therefore, garments accessories are the materials which are used along with the main body fabric to serve the full purpose. Button, Zipper, Thread, Label etc. are some main garments accessories.

Main Functions of Garments Accessories

Accessories are used to serve different functions of a garment. Some of the functions are given below:

  1. Garments accessories sometimes act as a decorative material.
  2. Accessories can make a garment more suitable to wear.
  3. Accessories are used to make the garments more flexible.
  4. Accessories help to ensure the garments durability.
  5. To fulfill customer demand different accessories are used.

Types of Garments Accessories

Different types of garments accessories are used to make a complete garment. This accessory is used on the basis of their function and their purpose of use. Generally, garments accessories are divided into three types-

  1. Basic accessories
  2. Decorative accessories
  3. Finishing accessories

A brief description of these accessories types are given below

1. Basic accessories

Basic accessories are the fundamental accessories of a garment. Sometimes it is not possible to make a garment without basic accessories. Some of the basic accessories are listed below –

  • Thread
  • Zipper
  • Button
  • Label
  • Motif
  • Pocketing fabric
  • Lining
  • Interlining
  • Velcro
  • Elastic
  • Cord
  • Ribbon
  • Rivet
  • Toggle
  • Collarbone


A short description and function of basic accessories are given below.


The thread is a long, thin strand of cotton, nylon, silk, or other fibers used in sewing purpose. The thread is said to be the main accessories of garments. It cannot be imagined to sew a garment without thread. Its basic function is to sew garments. Sometimes a metallic coating thread is used as a decorative purpose.


The zipper is a binding device which is used to bind two edges of the fabric and other flexible materials. Its main function is to bind two edges as it could be easily opened. There are different types of zipper. Some of them are given below-

  • Metallic zipper
  • Coil zipper 
  • Invisible zipper 
  • Plastic molded zipper 
  • Open-ended zipper 
  • Close-ended zipper 
  • Magnetic zipper


The button is a small device which is attached to a garment piece to make secure two pieces of fabrics together. Sometimes it is used as a fashion purpose. A button can be made of plastic, metal, wood, glass, and sometimes from the animal bone, shell, ivory etc. There are different types of button. Such as-

  • Shank button
  • Flat button 
  • Snap button 
  • Stud(jeans) button 
  • Lapel button

Among these types of buttons, flat buttons are most commonly used.


The label is a piece of indicator which contains in all information of the garments. It may be made of paper, plastic film, fabric or similar material. It can be attached, printed, embossed, on the garments. There are mainly two types of label. They are

  1. Main label
  2. Sub-label

The main label contains the Brand name, brand logo etc.

Sub-label is divided into different categories-

  • Care label
  • Size label 
  • Price label 
  • Composition label 
  • Special label 
  • Flag label


The motif is a special accessory which is attached to the garments by embroidery, printed design and contains the country name or brand name. It is mainly done to increase the attractiveness and to make the garments more fashionable. It can be made of leather, plastic or batch metal. Pocketing fabric- pocketing fabric is as important as other accessories. It is widely used in textile and garments industries for sewing is manufactured from a superior-grade raw material.


The lining is a piece of fabric, fur, or other material which is inserted into the inner layer of garments and similar items. It helps to extend the useful life of garments by reducing wearing and tearing strain. Linings are made of solid color to coordinate with the garment’s fabric.


Interlining is basically anything used between two layers of fabric to give more support. It is attached to garments through the sewing or heating process. The main function of interlining is to hold up and keep the original shape. There are two types of interlining

  1. Fusible interlining
  2. Non-fusible interlining


Velcro is a brand name of fabric hook-and-loop fastener, mainly used for connecting objects. It is consisting of two layers: a “hook” side, which is a piece of fabric covered with tiny plastic hook and a “loop”side, which is covered in equally tiny plastic loops. It is mainly used in shoes.


Elastic is a narrow fabric covered strand which can stretch due to its composition. Rubber or spandex cores are wrapped in a fabric such as polyester, nylon, or cotton and then woven, knitted or braided to create the elastic. There are different types of elastic- as follows

  1. Braided elastic
  2. Knitted elastic 
  3. Fold over elastic 
  4. Lingerie elastic

Among them, braided elastic is commonly used.


The cord is a narrow, flexible material usually made of twisted strands or fabrics. It is generally used to bind, tie, connect and support.


The ribbon is a thin material, generally made of cloth but also plastic or sometimes metal. It is used for decorative binding and tying. There are different types of ribbon. such as

  1. Grosgrain ribbon
  2. Satin ribbon 
  3. Velvet ribbon 
  4. Off ray ribbon 
  5. Lace ribbon 
  6. Turquoise ribbon


Rivet is a mechanical fastener, structured with a cylindrical shaft with heads on either end. The heads are made in such a shape that it can be inserted into a hole. It is generally made of metal.


The toggle is a small piece of plastic or wood that is used as a button. It is generally used in coats or bags.


Collarbone is a thin, plastic made accessories which are inserted into the collar point for keeping the original shape.

2. Decorative accessories

This type of accessories is used to increase the appearance and to make the garments more attractive. There are many types of decorative accessories which are listed below-

  • Piping
  • Buttonhole tape
  • Ribbed tape
  • Seaming tape
  • Moiré ribbon
  • Welt tape
  • Stamped tape
  • Bias binding
  • Pompom 
  • Soutache
  • Tassel
  • Fringe
  • Taffeta ribbon
  • Galloon
  • Rosette


Short description and function of decorative accessories.


Piping is an edge treatment made from strips of bias fabrics. It can be made from either self-fabric or a contrast fabric. It can be used anywhere on a garment where two pieces of fabric are joined.

Buttonhole tape

Buttonhole tape is simply a tape containing holes in its center where the button can be inserted.

Ribbed tape

The ribbed tape is mainly made of cotton, silk or viscose with evident ribs. It is used in waistband and decorative purpose.

Seam Tape

This type of tape is used to make watertight garments. This tape is applied as an adhesive bond between two pieces of fabric to stop moisture and liquids from getting through. It is an important part of waterproof garments production.

Moiré ribbon

This type of ribbon is made from silk, but also from wool, cotton, and nylon. It has a wavy (watered) appearance which is usually created by calendaring technique. The wavy appearance can also be made by varying the tension of warp and weft yarn or by passing the fabric through an engraved copper roller.

Welt tape

This tape is covered by a sewed cord. Generally, it is made of cotton.

Stamped tape

A dice is made with specific designs and the designs are transferred to the tape by heating arrangement.

Bias binding

Bias binding is also known as bias tape. it is a narrow stripe of fabric which is cut on the bias and the fibers remain at 45 degrees to the length. The length of the tape is 1/2’’ to 3 ‘’ depending on the application. It is mainly used in making piping, binding seams, finishing raw edges etc. it is classified into three types

  1. Simple bias binding
  2. Single-fold bias binding 
  3. Double fold bias binding.


Pompom is a small woolen ball attached to a garment especially on a hat for decoration. It may be in different color and size, and are made from a wide variety of materials, such as, wool, cotton, paper, plastic, thread and sometimes feathers. It can be seen shaken by cheerleaders.


Soutache is a narrow, flat ornamental braid used in the trimming of is mainly used to conceal a seam. Generally made of metallic bullion thread, silk, wool, but also from rayon, and other synthetic fibers. It can be seen in military uniform as a indicator of rank.


Tassel is a ball-shaped entangled thread from which the tassel is hung on protruding cord. it is normally a decorative element and often seen along the bottom hem to garments, curtains, or other hangings.


Fringe is an ornamental garments accessory hanging from a revealed edge or separate strip of garments. There are three types of fringe.

  1. Bullion fringe
  2. Campaign fringe 
  3. Thread fringe.

Taffeta ribbon

Taffeta is a luxury fabric which can be made of rayon, silk, and polyester. It is used in gowns and wedding dresses and also in curtains and wall coverings.


Galloon is a decorative accessory made of metallic gold or silver thread lace or embroidery. Generally used in trim of police and military uniform.


Rosette is a rose-shaped decorative accessory, typically made of ribbon. Generally, it is worn by supporters of sports or political party or awarded as prize.

3. Finishing Accessories

This type of accessories is used in the garments finishing section. Finishing Accessories are mainly non-fabric materials and generally, they don’t belong to garments when it is used. Some of the finishing accessories are given below-

  • Hanger
  • Hand tag
  • Polybag
  • Size tag
  • Tissue paper
  • Sticker
  • Plastic clip
  • Scotch tape
  • Safety pin
  • Butterfly
  • Backboard
  • Safety sticker
  • Brass Pin
  • Neck board
  • Carton